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RR x PLURtags - Rave. Trade. Connect.

RR x PLURtags - Rave. Trade. Connect.

$ 5.75

Ever wonder where your kandi travels after it has been traded? Now you can.

We teamed up with PLURtags to bring you the RR x PLURtag. Just string the plastic charm on any kandi single, kandicuff, or kandimask, register the unique code on PLURtags.com (Located in the left drawer of the RollRandom App) and track the Kandi as it gets traded around the globe! See where it travels to and where it stops along the way:)


Once you receive your PLURtag, log into PLURtags.com, and enter the charm ID number. A pin drop will then be created at your location on the map.  Now, begin your creativity and string this charm on to your Kandi. When you trade, make sure to tell the person about the significance of the charm. This person will then enter that same charm ID number into the site and another pin drop will be put in their location. For the most accurate outcome it is best to pin drop the ID number you received with your home zip.

Each charm is made of light weight quality plastic and is curved to fit the wearer's wrist comfortably:)

Receive, pindrop, trade.

Purchase more than one charm and have multiple ID numbers? No problem. When you log into your account you can add all your charm ID numbers and easily keep track of them all:)

*For questions please email info@rollrandom.com 

Available now!